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R&R Cigars – The Cigar Mansion: Top in the State

April 24, 2024

R&R Cigars – The Cigar Mansion is the top cigar lounge and bar in the state of Alabama for many reasons. It houses a range of premium and award-winning cigar brands and manufacturers, including long-time best-sellers and the latest arrivals. If you’re looking for Arturo Fuente Cigars or Rocky Patel Cigars, or perhaps a Padron, or maybe a Perdomo, you will find all these cigars and more at their well-stocked shop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The wide range of cigars suits different budgets and tastes, so you’ll be sure to find something you will love. 

Let’s dive into R&R Cigars’ rich history and its innovations in the world of cigars.

The Story of R&R Cigars 

The seeds of R&R Cigars were sown in 2005 when father and son duo, Randy and Reagan Starner, smoked their first cigar together. It was their way of celebrating Reagan’s graduation from high school. This first shared experience with cigars led them to occasionally smoke together on the back porch of their house or in the basement, which was eventually referred to as R&R Cigars. 

When Reagan went off to college and law school, he and Randy smoked at his apartment, which became R&R 2.0. Their shared love for cigars strengthened their father-son bond and fueled their passion. 

To their dismay, there were no good cigar bars in Tuscaloosa. So after Reagan graduated from law school in 2011, he and Randy decided to open R&R Cigars in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

In January 2012, the cigar bar at the end of University Blvd opened its doors to the people of Tuscaloosa. It was designed to be a place where people could relax, recharge, and enjoy the finest cigars in the city. 

In May 2013, R&R Cigars shifted its base two blocks away to the historic Charles N. Maxwell House in Tuscaloosa. 

In December 2013, R & R Cigars was featured on the cover of Tobacco Shop magazine. In the same year, Reagan released his own premium cigar blend, the Black Warrior, which was soon followed by another in-house blend—Casa de las Estrellas—in 2014. Both the cigars became highly successful and remain popular today.

In November 2014, Randy and Reagan launched Reagan’s White House Bar at the Maxwell House with table service as opposed to bar service. This helped R&R Cigars become Tuscaloosa’s first and only whiskey bar, now considered the best whiskey bar in the Southeast. 

Maxwell House, aka The Cigar Mansion

Originally built in 1911, the Maxwell House is the current location of R&R Cigars. It has a unique architecture and style that enhances the cigar smoking experience for all of its visitors. The undisputed highlight of the building is the expansive southern style wrap-around porch with its stately columns. The original woodwork also remains intact, including floors and columns, preserving the rich history and original quality of the early 1900s architecture.

Maxwell House consists of three levels. R&R Cigars uses the first and second levels as lounge rooms for customers and the third as a storage room. The lounge rooms truly enhance the cigar smoking experience, allowing patrons to enjoy a cigar and bourbon in comfort. They boast multiple seating styles and options that offer direct views of the 70-inch TVs set up in the rooms. 

The VIP Lounge on the upper level also features themes such as movies, sports, and of course, cigars that add to the relaxed and comfortable vibe. Locker members can enjoy complimentary soft drinks and coffee.

The lounge has a gorgeous veranda redesigned in 2016 to enhance comfort and provide seating for up to 50 patrons. It allows visitors to enjoy an alfresco smoking experience.

The Humidor

R&R Cigars is home to one of the most diverse humidors in the country—it has more than 1,000 cigars that you can choose from. The cigar bar is a Rocky Patel Partner lounge, so you’ll find an incredible selection of Rocky Patel Cigars here. 

There are also other highly rated classics such as Fuente, Padron, Perdomo, My Father, Alec Bradley, La Flor Dominicana, Knuckle Sandwich, and more. Cigar blends that are often hard to come by, such as Opus X, Fuente Anejos, Lost City, God of Fire, and Atabey are a specialty of R&R Cigars and can always be found at their cigar bar. 

Boutique cigar brands like Tabernacle, Highclere Castle, Fable, Guaimaro, Powstanie, Illusione, Caldwell, Room 101, Kristoff, Espinosa, among many others, are also great finds at this humidor.  

The humidor is also a hotspot for events featuring leading cigar manufacturers. In 2019, it hosted big names such as Nish Patel, Robert Caldwell, Bill Paley, Tony Gomez, Sean Williams, and others. They are only a few of the top cigar manufacturers that partner with R&R Cigars for luxury events. 

Cigars, Whiskeys, and More

Over the years, R&R Cigars has grown significantly. They now offer more than just cigars and bourbon whiskeys. They also maintain an impressive collection of more than 80 crafted beers and 50 single malts, along with variations of fine wine, tequila, vodka, rum, and cigar accessories. 

R&R Cigars is also the only 100-year bar in Tuscaloosa, meaning The Cigar Mansion has stocked full lines of age statement whiskies from Balvenie, Macallan, Glenfiddich, Highland Park, and more, allowing patrons to try a selection of various aged whiskeys spanning up to 100 years of difference for some distillers. This has made R&R Cigars the premier shop for connoisseurs of cigars and spirits in Alabama.

R&R Cigars also offers Reagan’s Famous Blind Samplers. These samplers allow beginners to try their hand at an assortment of cigar blends and brands so they can choose a favorite. This will enable new cigar aficionados to slowly develop a taste for cigars and, over time, learn to pair them with their favorite whiskeys or other liquors.

The One-Stop Shop for Cigars and Spirits 

If you’re looking for the finest selection of cigars, whiskeys, wines, and other spirits in Alabama, R&R Cigars is your best bet. Its sophisticated team of experts, extensive humidor, and well-appointed lounge rooms ensure a luxury experience with top-notch cigars paired with the perfect liquors. 

Visit R&R Cigars – The Cigar Mansion at 2703 Fitts Street, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401, or check out its website to learn more.

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