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In November of 2014 R&R Cigars opened its bar. We quickly grew to one of the most different and unique selections in the state of Alabama.

Reagan made it a major focus to ensure that R&R was one of the most elite bars in the state.

R&R has over 80 different beers to choose from, 150 liquor selections, and a fantastic wine selection.

R&R has always strived to provide the best service possible, so we decided when we opened our bar that we would do table service as opposed to bar service. All drinks are prepared and brought to you at your seat, ensuring that our service to you is always the best in the business.

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Our Beers


R&R Cigars boasts one of the most elite selection of beer in the city and state. We offer over 80 different beers for you to choose from in bottles, cans, or drafts. We proudly support our local brewery Black Warrior Brewing. We carry all of their products that are available in bottles and cans. We often have a featured draft from them, which have included a Jack Daniels barrel aged beer and a Mexican lager. We have a very diverse selection of beers from all across the United States with a major focus on Barrel Aged beers. R&R’s staff is the best around to help you find the perfect beer to drink with your cigar.

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Our Premium Whiskey Selections


R&R Cigars is the ultimate whiskey bar in Alabama and the only Whiskey Bar in Tuscaloosa. R&R’s whiskey selection is in a word outrageous. R&R is the only 100 Year Bar in Tuscaloosa. A 100 Year bar is a bar that has 100 years of a different product, (example Balvenie 12,14,15,17,21,25 is 104 years).

R&R features 100 Years of Balvenie, 100 Years of Macallan, 100 Years of GlenFiddich, 100 Years of Highland Park, 100 Years of GlenLivet, 100 Years of Flor de Cana. We have over 50 different premium bourbons including Woodford, Bookers, Bakers, Basil Hayden, Four Roses, Angel’s Envy, Whistlepig, Elijah Craig, Blood Oath Pact, Rhetoric, 1792, Clyde Mays, Strahan’s, Westland and many many others. Our Single Malt selection is equally as outrageous with over 50 different single malts to choose. As mentioned above the 100 years selections, plus Talisker, Oban, Laphroiag, Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Glenmorangie, Tomatin, Dalwhinnie, and many others.

All of our whiskeys are served the way they were meant to be served with specialty snifters to ensure that you are enjoying the whiskey the way it was intended by the distiller. We use big ice balls as opposed to ice cubes or ice chips to ensure the highest quality. We also have an incredible selection of vodkas, tequilas, rums, and countless others.

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