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Best Lighter For Your Cigars

July 6, 2023

If you are new to the world of cigars, you may not be fully aware that lighting your cigar is not as simple as it may sound. There is quite an art form to it and for that, lighting your cigar will require the proper tool. Expert cigar lovers have spent years perfecting just how to light a cigar for the perfect even and consistent smoke, and of course, which lighter does the job the best. So you may be wondering, what lighters are best to use when smoking cigars?

While any lighter will technically enable you to smoke a cigar, to enjoy the best possible smoke, you should use a lighter made of real fire that will not singe your cigar with an unnecessary amount of heat. 

The truth is, not everyone who loves cigars can agree on just what is the “best” lighter for your cigar. However, everyone certainly has their own opinion. While some are based on science, others are focused on style, and still, some say that keeping up with technology will ensure you have the best possible smoke. If you want to know which lighter is right for your love of cigars, keep reading. We, here at the Cigar Mansion in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, have everything you need to know!

What Are the Different Types of Lighters for Cigars?

We have come a long way since flint or even matches to light our cigars, and the technology today has provided the world with numerous variations of the cigar lighter. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of your cigar lighting options and see which one is best for you!

Cedar & Matches

Interestingly, even with all these new fancy gadgets, some old-school smokers still like to use long wood matches or even cedar wood to light their cigars. Although this can be a fun experience, you will certainly need a lot of matches to start the cigar and enjoy it until the last puff, so we don’t necessarily recommend them for most smokers looking to relax.

Standard Flame Lighters

Your classic BIC or other lighters that you can find in every gas station will definitely light your cigar. Some users actually prefer them!

If you have used one of these lighters even to light a candle, you may have noticed that the flames move at an angle and they are easily affected by even a light breeze. So even though they will do the job of lighting your cigar, they’re probably not the absolute best option out there. 

Torch Lighters

Otherwise known as jet flame lighters, torches may just be the best lighter for cigar smokers when used correctly. 

It of course depends on your style and preference, but jet flames are known to produce a solid and immobile flame that will light your cigar without burning your thumb! The canisters are also filled with butane, which most cigar aficionados agree will not affect the taste of your cigar. 

One important downside to note when using a torch lighter to light your cigars, they run extremely hot. In fact, the flame can produce about twice the heat of a standard flame lighter (1500 degrees vs. 2900 degrees.) Some consumers have found that this high heat can actually char the cigar, just as you might find on an overcooked steak, and unfortunately, it can very much affect the taste of the smoke. 

If you are enjoying a premium cigar, or really any cigar that you want to savor the flavor, be careful when using a high-heat lighter. However, if  you know how to light the cigar properly, you probably won’t have any issues (and don’t worry if you’re not quite sure the right way to light a cigar, we’re going to explain it soon!)

Electric Plasma Lighters

The newest and certainly most technologically advanced options for cigar lighters are the electric plasma styles. This new variation of the lighter does not even use a flame! 

Some people enjoy this new and possibly improved tech lighter because it will never be affected by weather, it’s easy to travel with (TSA approved), it recharges and each part is replaceable, so you never have to buy a new lighter if you can manage to hold on to it!

We don’t really think that eclectic lighters are going to replace flame lighters of any kind, but they may just be a new fun toy to add to your lighter collection and they certainly will light your cigar with ease. 

How to Properly Light a Cigar (With the Best Lighter)

Now that you understand the variety of options when it comes to lighting a cigar, you need to choose which one is the right choice for you. When it comes down to it, it’s definitely a decision to be made based on personal preference and style, as well as personal convenience and habits while smoking. 

But no matter which lighter you use, you will want to be sure you light your cigar properly to ensure you receive the best possible flavor, especially if you are enjoying one of our many top-tier premium hand-rolled cigars

The trick is to treat your cigar like a marshmallow: don’t actually let the flame touch the cigar. If you get a little too close to the fire, don’t worry, your cigar isn’t ruined! Just remove it from the flame and continue to light it gently until the entire circumference has a glowing red light. 

After you take your first puff, if the end doesn’t seem like it’s going to burn in an even circle, simply take it out and use your lighter of choice to make sure the entire end is evenly lit. 

So Which Lighter Should You Use to Smoke a Cigar?

While the debate is certainly still out, if you want to know what we think down here in Alabama, we’ll give you our advice on what is the best lighter for your cigars. If you’re looking for a torch lighter, check out our Light Saber Cigar Torch.

If you are new to smoking cigars, the easiest way to correctly light the cigar, as mentioned above, will be to use a torch or jet flame lighter. They are simple to use and convenient to purchase. Just be careful not to char your cigar (by using the marshmallow trick) and you should be good to go!

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