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Best Cigar Pairings for Christmas

December 1, 2022

The twinkle in Santa’s eye is nothing compared to the look a cigar lover gets with that first puff of a Christmas cigar. It’s a moment to be cherished, but holiday shopping can be frustrating. So, it is time to break out top cigar gifts and the best cigar pairings for Christmas to ensure you have a winning holiday season. This holiday cigar guide shows you ways to win the holiday season and give Santa a run for his money.

Best Christmas Cigars

Much of what makes a great holiday cigar is personal preference, such as size, strength, or tobacco type. However, there are reliable options you can trust to deliver a smooth, warming character ideally suited for pairing with favorite holiday eats and drinks. Create your own Christmas cheer with these best Christmas cigars: 

Arturo Fuente Rosado SG Magnum R52

Always scoring big points on Christmas, the Arturo Fuente Rosado SG Magnum R52 features a lower priming Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper leaf and rich Dominican tobaccos that deliver a smooth, complex, and creamy holiday escape. A great companion for sherry or tawny port.

Foundation Highclere Castle Edwardian Churchill

A joint project between Foundation Cigar and the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, the Highclere Castle series is an ode to the iconic Carnarvon family residence, better known as film and television’s Downton Abbey. The Connecticut Shade-wrapped Highclere Castle Edwardian Churchill provides an elegant, deeply rewarding Christmas smoke. 

Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo

The box-pressed Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo is a luxuriously complex Nicaraguan puro known to make cigar lovers giddy with Christmas delight. Beautifully balanced from start to finish, these 5 ½” x 50 cigars are ideal gifts for new and experienced cigar enthusiasts alike.

Rocky Patel Java Mint Robusto

The Java series is a Rocky Patel and Drew Estate collaboration perfectly suited as a change of pace from traditional cigars. Drew Estate’s innovative infusion process enhances the Java Mint Robusto cigar’s medium-bodied Nicaraguan tobaccos with espresso, cocoa, and sweet cream notes along with touches of minty goodness. Pair with Irish Coffee for a delightfully unique holiday treat!

Best Holiday Cigars and Cocktails Pairings

Whether taking a break from a busy shopping day, decorating the tree, or visiting with friends or family, cigars and holiday cocktails are a great way to maintain the holiday vibe. So, add more holly jolly fun to the season with these best holiday cigars and cocktails pairings:

  • Kristoff Sumatra Matador & Rye Old Fashioned

The Kristoff Sumatra Matador cigar’s voluptuous flavor profile finds a perfect match with the rye whiskey version of a timeless classic.

  • Casa de Las Estrellas Debbos Lancero & Mansion Sweet Tea

The Casa de Las Estrellas cigar’s character dovetails with this winter warmer, perfect for savoring the quieter moods of Christmas.

  • Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto & Negroni

The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto cigar’s rich yet smooth character combined with the Negroni’s sweet and bitter notes are known to cause gleeful shouts of “Buon Natale”! 

  • The Upsetters Django & Dark’ N Stormy

Add a Caribbean splash to the holidays with the Upsetters Django cigar’s sweet and earthy notes blending with the classic island-inspired cocktail’s dark rum and ginger beer. 

Best Christmas Cigars for After Dinner

Whether getting comfy in front of the fireplace or preparing to dive into another piece of pie, pairing cigars with premium whiskey, beer, wine, or other tasty libations is a great way to finish off a holiday meal. Put yourself in a satisfying holiday mood with these best after-dinner cigars: 

Caldwell Long Live the King

The small-batch Long Live the King’s Dominican, Peruvian, and Nicaraguan tobaccos join with a Dominican Corojo wrapper for a lasting, velvety experience. This Caldwell cigar paired with a bold single barrel bourbon is an extravagance that ranks amongst the best cigar pairings for Christmas. 

Foundation The Tabernacle Toro

The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapped 6″ x 52 Foundation Tabernacle Toro cigar’s bold espresso, malt, dark fruit and chocolate notes make for a tasty holiday pairing with a rich Imperial Stout. Add pecan pie or dark chocolate cake to the mix for a decadent sensory adventure.

R & R Cigars Black Warrior Robusto

The Black Warrior Robusto cigar’s Sumatra Oscuro wrapper and double ligero Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos create a rich tapestry of flavor perfect for Christmas tales told around the fire. Enjoy with mulled wine or a hearty ale, such as Tuscaloosa’s own Black Warrior Brewing’s Old Tavern Scotch Ale.

Perdomo Habano Sun Grown Robusto

The Perdomo Habano Sun Grown series features 6-year aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos, including a bourbon barrel-aged Sun Grown wrapper. The 5″ x 54 Habano Sun Grown Robusto delivers a festive after-dinner escape with your favorite bourbon or Highland single malt whisky.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cigar Lovers

If you are unsure of a cigar aficionado’s preferences or don’t want to be caught searching amid the craziness of holiday shopping, not to worry. Minimize stress and narrow down the perfect presents to put under the tree with these best Christmas gifts for cigar lovers:

Rocky Patel ALR Travel Case and Cigars

The Rocky Patel ALR Travel Cigar Case features an exterior of stunning white leather and gold stitching. In addition, ten of Rocky Patel’s Aged Limited Rare 2nd Edition (ALR2) Robusto cigars are contained within the Spanish cedar-lined case. A Christmas treasure any aficionado will cherish.

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente

With a festive red, gold, and green color scheme along with a Spanish cedar wrap, the Arturo Fuente Chateau Natural looks every bit the part of a Christmas stocking stuffer. These 4 ½” x 50 holiday favorites deliver a smooth, buttery, deeply satisfying smoke for all cigar lovers to enjoy.

Reagan’s Famous Blind Samplers

Keep your favorite cigar connoisseur guessing with Reagan’s Famous Blind Sampler packs. Each sampler features well-known cigars left unmarked for blind tasting. These “no brainer” Christmas gifts are a great way to add a bit of fun and mystery to the holiday season.

Make It A Cigar Christmas 

It doesn’t take a trip to the North Pole or hours of elbowing your way through the holiday crowds to find quality cigars, cigar gifts, or the best cigar pairings for Christmas. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Don’t run the risk of landing on the naughty list. Start winning the holidays and shop at The Cigar Mansion today! 

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