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Best Ways to Get Out of a Cigar Rut

January 5, 2023

We’ve all been there before. Maybe you’ve been smoking the same cigar for a while and it’s not as good as it  used to be, or maybe you walk into the humidor and nothing jumps out as appealing to you. It’s a frustrating experience, but it is one that can be remedied. We’ve put together some ideas that you can try out for yourself the next time you feel like you’re stuck in a cigar smoking rut.

Try Some New Cigars

This one may seem a little bit obvious, but it is something that will genuinely help you if you are stuck in a cigar rut. Many cigar smokers are attached to one specific cigar, and they will not sway from their favorites. There is no problem with that of course, as the best cigar to you is whatever you like to smoke. But if you ever start to feel bored, then trying something new, even just once, can help pull you up out of the ground. 

A great idea for trying some new cigars is to come to the Mansion and simply ask the staff for recommendations. We have an extensive humidor including seven cigars featured in Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list, including the #1 and #2 cigars from 2021, so any of those are a great place to start. As for our own recommendations, we’ve selected a few favorites for you to try out.


Padron Damaso – The Padron Damaso is a great mild to medium cigar packed with flavor. This cigar is universally liked and is one the best cigars in the shop.

Rocky Patel 1999 – The RP 1999 is a great Connecticut with lots of wood and cedar notes, often referred to around the shop as “the quintessential mild cigar.”


Padron 1964 Torpedo – This cigar was #1 Cigar of the Year and for good reason. Padron only makes great cigars, and they are definitely worth getting whenever you come through.

Montecristo 1935 – The #2 Cigar of the Year is another great choice if you are looking to break out of a smoking rut. Packed with complex flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Full Bodied

Liga Privada No 9 – One of the best full bodied cigars out there, really bold but no harshness, with a rich and toothy wrapper. Tons of great flavors.

Black Warrior – Our own house blend cigar, the Black Warrior was made by Reagan and it comes in a box pressed robusto or box pressed torpedo, featuring lots of spice and sweetness.

Best Cigar Pairings

Trying new cigar pairings is a great way to break out of a cigar smoking rut. Trying something new is easy at R&R, with our vast collection of spirits, beers, and wines. If you are normally a bourbon drinker, it could be a good idea to switch up to scotch, or try some rum to pair with your cigar.

Trying unusual combinations can also be a great idea. Many people choose to pair red wine with full bodied cigars and white wines with mild cigars. But try switching it up sometime. Red wines can go amazingly well with mild, creamier smokes. Here’s some of our favorite pairings:

Pinot Noir and Padron Damaso – A great example of pairing a red wine with a mild cigar. This is a great combination that keeps you entertained.

Yellowstone Barrel Select Bourbon and Black Warrior – This Yellowstone Barrel Select is our own handpicked barrel from the Limestone Branch Distillery. This amazing bourbon goes perfectly with our house cigar, the Black Warrior.

Smoked Old Fashioned and Liga Privada No 9 – Our signature cocktail, the smoked old fashioned, is prepared and smoked right beside your seat. That unique experience coupled with the bold notes from the Liga Privada No 9 are sure to get you out of any cigar rut.

New Accessories to Spice Up Your Life

A new cutter or lighter is a great way to spice things up. We have a great selection of accessories that are sure to get you excited about your next cigar. Whether it be a new lighter, cutter or ashtray, a new accessory builds excitement.

Xikar makes great, high quality accessories. All of their products are backed by a lifetime warranty. We carry a number of their cutters and lighters, perfect for whenever you are looking to upgrade.

We also carry a wide variety of Rocky Patel lighters and cutters. These products also have a lifetime warranty and feature numerous designs and metal finishes for a great lighter that is functional and looks great. 

Any of these cigar accessories are great for whenever you need a little bit more excitement in your life to get you out of a cigar rut.

Exciting Changes to Make to Your Cigar Smoking Routine

If you smoke cigars daily as part of your routine, then changing that up can definitely help you get out of a rut. There’s a few things you can do to make your routine more exciting.

Try smoking a cigar at a different time than normal. Your tastes change throughout the day, so try smoking different times. For instance, a cigar with your morning cup of coffee is a great way to start your day. Or take a smoke break after lunch to pair with what you just ate. 

Another great change you can make is to change up how you buy your cigars. For a fun new experience, buy one of Reagan’s Famous Blind Samplers. These are unique samplers hand picked by the boss himself. There are different price points depending on how many cigars you want in the sampler. These are a great way to change things up, and try new cigars. 

A cigar rut can be tough to break out of, and it’s probably something every cigar smoker will go through at some point. So the next time you are stuck in a cigar rut, come by the Mansion or visit our website and we can get you sorted out. 

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