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Padron Cigars: Price and Quality Unveiled

June 24, 2024

Padron cigars are cherished by cigar smokers near and far for their unprecedented mix of rich yet smooth character, top-end craftsmanship, and exceptional value. Let’s take a quick look at what makes a cigar a “Padron” and how you can best enjoy the legacy and incredible value these award-winning smokes bring to the cigar-smoking experience. 

The Legacy of Padron Cigars: A Brief Introduction

At the root of the Padron story is patriarch Jose Orlando Padron. His early years were spent on his family’s tobacco farm in Cuba’s Pinar del Rio province, a region famous for its world-class tobacco. Like his father and grandfather before him, Padron was immersed in tobacco farming, honing the skills that would one day lay the foundation for Padron cigars. 

In 1961, Padron fled Cuba to escape the ire of Fidel Castro, eventually settling in Miami, Florida. With only a hammer given to him by a friend, Padron worked odd jobs until he could afford to launch Padron cigars in 1964. Padron quickly gained notoriety for offering premium cigars of tremendous quality and value. Increased production allowed Padron to set up shop in Nicaragua, where tobacco drew comparisons to Pinar del Rio’s. 

Today, the Padron family maintains the same level of commitment, with Jorge Padron continuing his late father’s passion for quality and value. The Padron family’s symbol is the image of a hammer, the same hammer that allowed Jose O. Padron to kickstart a lasting legacy.

Price vs. Quality: Understanding the Value Proposition 

Cigar makers continuously search for a good value-great quality sweet spot. However, rising production costs, climate change, government restrictions, and tax increases have widened the gap between perceived value and quality. Yet, Padron cigars prove you can have top quality and get more bang for the buck.

The Padron family maintains an unprecedented balance between price and quality, delivering cigars with exceptional craftsmanship while maximizing overall value. The secret is the Padron family’s ability to control every aspect of the cigar-making process, from seed cultivation to shipments destined for cigar stores. This vertical integration, paired with a commitment to sustainability, ensures that the Padron family’s passion for quality and value remains the focus of every Padron cigar. 

Exploring Padron’s Range: From Affordable Classics to Luxury Blends

No matter your level of taste or price point, the Padron lineup has the cigar for you. These award-winning cigars deliver on the Padron family’s promise to craft quality, value-filled cigars for all. So, let’s dive into cigars from the Padron range you’ll find at R&R Cigars:

Padron Series

These smokes have been staples in everyday cigar enthusiasts’ humidors since the beginning. Available in Natural or Maduro and in a wide range of sizes, the rich, full-flavored Nicaraguan Puro cigars are loaded with 2.5-year-old sun-grown tobacco, making the line’s value all the more astonishing. Padron Series cigars are also versatile food and drink pairing classics.

Padron Damaso

The Damaso line celebrates Damaso Padron, who moved from the Canary Islands to Cuba, kickstarting the Padron family’s cigar dynasty that burns so brightly today. Damaso cigars offer a smooth, mellow expression, unlike other Padron cigars. Each offers a complex, more elegant side to the famously rich Padron style. Spark up a Damaso and relax with coffee, wine, or cocktails.

Padron 1964 Anniversary

The 1964 Anniversary series was created in honor of the brand’s 30th Anniversary, and cigar enthusiasts worldwide sat up and took notice of all of Padron’s top-shelf creations. Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars combine 4-year-old tobaccos with box-pressing to create a truly captivating cigar smoking experience that regularly lands the smokes on “Best Cigars” lists.

Padron 1926 Serie

These exquisite perennial award-winners are luxurious odes to Padron family patriarch Jose O. Padron, launched in honor of his 75th birthday. These box-pressed jewels feature velvety 5-year-old tobaccos and offer a wildly complex, engaging, full-bodied experience. Pair Padron 1926 Serie cigars with your favorite distilled spirit and prepare for a thrilling escape. 

Padron Family Reserve

Once only made for the Padron family, Padron Family Reserve cigars mark the pinnacle of Nicaraguan cigar making. The Family Reserve collection features various blends representing important dates in the Padron family’s history. Each blend uses only 10-year-old Nicaraguan tobacco, garnering high praise for smoothness, richness, and complexity. It doesn’t get more top shelf than these beauties.

Padron also offers a select group of special edition premium cigars, such as the legendary Padron 50th Anniversary, made on an extremely limited basis. Stay updated with Padron’s newest and rarest releases by regularly checking in with your local cigar shop.

Where to Purchase Padron Cigars: Options and Considerations

Padron cigars are available to a greatly varying degree depending on the style, size, and collection. The Padron Series is the most widely available. Due to their limited production and exclusivity, Padron’s 1964 Anniversary, 1926 Serie, and other Padron cigars can be tough to locate. So, contact your local cigar shop beforehand to find out which Padron cigars are available. 

R&R Cigars is a great option for your Padron needs, as we carry the full lineup of Padron cigars. Our expert staff can steer you towards the best Padron cigars or other top options that are best for you. So, whether the mood calls for an everyday classic or a special occasion smoke, we’ll help you find the perfect Padron for the job. 

Explore the Padron Range in comfort and style at R&R Cigars

Padron cigars have something for all tastes, and there is no better way to explore the legendary Padron portfolio than with good company and savory libations, all in a relaxed atmosphere. R&R Cigars and The Cigar Mansion fit the bill perfectly. 

We proudly offer Padron cigars and share in the family’s dedication to bridging the gap between value and quality. So, join us and explore our collection of Padron cigars and other award-winning smokes at The Cigar Mansion. Visit us online to find out about our locations nearest you and upcoming events.

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